SKF Sealed Energy Efficient deep groove ball bearing reduces friction by more than 30%

SKF sealed

SKF launched the SKF Sealed Energy Efficient deep groove ball bearing (sealed E2 DGBB) suitable for applications in many industries, ranging from electric motors and two-wheelers to industrial conveyors and water pumps. The product is included in the SKF BeyondZero* portfolio.

SKF sealed

“The SKF Sealed Energy Efficient deep groove ball bearing is a good example of a sustainable solution that saves energy in many different applications. Our products are suitable to meet the needs of the many energy saving programs planned and implemented worldwide”, says Luigi Cavallero, Business Development Manager, Business Unit Powertrain & Electrical and Two Wheeler, SKF.

The sealed E2 DGBB reduces friction by more than 30% compared to the SKF Explorer sealed DGBB. As a result the product significantly saves energy and reduces CO2. The new feature, compared to the previously launched E2 performance class of bearings, is the addition of a seal that provides minimal interference between the inner ring and seal lip without compromising the performance of the sealing ability.
For a typical textile machine running 8000 hours per year equipped with 200 sealed E2 DGBBs, the reduction is estimated to 11 310 kWh annually. This reduction translates into a CO2 saving of 8,5 tonnes per year according to world power grid mix CO2 factor of 0.749 kg CO2e/kWh.

The SKF Sealed Energy Efficient deep groove ball bearing is available in different sizes up to 52 mm outer diameter.

*The BeyondZero product portfolio contains products that offer enhanced environmental performance characteristics. To be included in the BeyondZero portfolio, SKF products, services and solutions must deliver significant environmental benefits. The portfolio looks into different environmental aspects such as material selection, energy efficiency and reduction of lubricant leakage.

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