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Preparation and Approach to Bearing Damage Analysis

Due to the great success of the of the Bearing Reliability Conference & Expo event that ran on 22 – 23 March 2016 and the request of many participants to run it again, the agenda is set for 2017. The 2017 edition of the BRCE conference and expo will cover 3 days in the Westfalenhallen Dortmund, with free access to the networking and expo area including 8 unique workshops; beside the 4 keynote and 16 speaker presentations with focus on the bearing and reliability competences; in the conference area. With it’s 3 days ‘bearing knowledge & networking concept, the organizations aims to become the most important event for engeneers, end-users, OEM equipment manufacturers and bearing industry professionals to make their bearing and assets more reliable. You can read the full agenda and details of this great event on page 73.

The bearing is an essential element and the rotating heart of all machines and if it fails or malfunctions, then so does the machine or equipment. The lubrication can be considered as the blood of all machines and a crucial element of machines conditions and overall production efficiency. We tried to summarize the solutions for frequently asked questions such as “Which lubricant do I use for this bearing?”, “What is the calculated maximum amount?”, “How frequently should we check this bearing?”. You can read in this issue the vital role of lubrication for bearing performance and life, the parallel paths of maintenance and lubrication, a case study about lubrication of rolling bearings on a paint shop ventilation fan and the details of an unique system for improved lubrication practices.

Further in this issue, we have ‘a BearingNEWS classic’ four exclusive interviews with the leaders of leading production and distribution organizations in the bearing industry. The first interview is with Massimiliano Valentino, The Vice- President Europe of REGAL. We had the chance to discuss with him REGAL’s power transmission solutions in Germany, their expansion strategies and how to handle the increasing pressure in expectations to reduce cost while maintaining or even improving quality by adoption of more efficient manufacturing procedures and logistics efficiency.

The second interview is with Thomas Ammerpohl, Sales Manager Industrial Aftermarket of NACHI Europe. We had a nice conversation with him about the European market, innovations in bearing technology and NACHI’s efforts to grow market shares.

Just a few weeks ago, SKF has opened its “Sven Wingquist Test Center”, which is one of the world’s most powerful large-size bearing (LSB) test facility. In our third interview, Martin Johannsmann, CEO of SKF GmbH explains the motives for the 40 million euro investment at the company’s Schweinfurt site and how SKF customers can profit from it.

Our fourth interview is with George ‘Sandy’ Thomson, who has, as is tradition, handed the company reins down to a younger family member (step-daughter Anna Galoni), he still has an important role to play in the family-owned Thomson-Gordon Group, the Canada-based parent of Thordon Bearings. His business card reads simply “Innovator”. You can read his journey at Thordon Bearings in “A portrait of the artist as a young man”.

What’s Rolling..

What’s rolling in the bearing industry? A brief summary of what happened during the last six months in the bearing industry; preparation and approach to Bearing Damage Analysis; How to manage hot bearings in your plant?; a new volume of top 10 bearing reliability tips from Per Arnold Elgqvist and what to expect from China’s bearing steel industry…Together with all these interesting topics, many other bearing industry related articles, insights and developments can be discovered in this September issue of the BearingNEWS magazine.

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