Featuring NTN-SNR’s New NLGI Grade 3 Grease

For those who have missed Automechanika Dubai in May 2017, the HEAVY DUTY EP3 High Load grease was lauded as the most successful new product in terms of visitor turnout during the three day event.

Made by leading bearings manufacturer NTN-SNR, the European arm of Japan based NTN Corporation, this grease type for heavy duty applications is the first in its range to have NLGI grade 3 specifications suitable for Middle East and Africa’s (MEA) humidity and hot temperatures.

History Behind the Innovation

“Mineral Circles Bearings (MCB) and NTN-SNR came up with the idea of having a grade 3 grease to fulfill the needs of the MEA market,” says Hassanein Alwan, MCB’s Marketing Director. “The foreseen demand for a high performance lubricant that can withstand MEA’s environmental conditions is significant to longer machine service life and operational efficiency”, he added.

MCB’s Marketing Director Hassanein Alwan at Automechanika Dubai

Applicable for bearings used in truck wheel hubs and industrial machineries such as conveyors, crushers, water pumps, high-powered electric motors, and lifting devices, this French made quality grease is formulated to provide optimum protection from contaminants, liquids, friction, heat, plus corrosion due to its following composition:

Grade 3 (NLGI grade rating)– Texture is comparable to vegetable shortening which makes it stiff enough to prevent leakage. Refers to the physical characteristic of the grease

Mineral Oil (Base Oil)– Suitable for industrial or heavy applications

Lithium soap (Thickener)- Binds well with mineral oil making the grease more resistant to speed, load, and high temperatures

Extreme Pressure/EP (Additives)– Has chemical formulation suitable for heat protection and premature damage

Perfect Combination

According to NTN-SNR experts, improper lubrication accounts for 55% of premature bearing failure which is mostly caused by insufficient knowledge or know-how. Therefore, getting a trusted supplier with in-house grease and bearing experts will be handy for any sudden or unprecedented breakdown.

To ensure equal lube distribution to a bearing’s rollers or balls and raceway, MCB’s engineers recommend greasing a third of its empty space and manually rotating it prior to installation. This way, sufficient bearing protection from liquids, overheating, friction, and corrosion coupled with energy efficiency can be guaranteed.

Michel Peltier, MCB’s in-house engineer

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