Why settle for less? The best available tools for Mounting and Dismounting

Our name says it all: “Special Tools”. Special Tools for Mounting and Dismounting bearings, gears and other drive components! We are manufacturer of one of the best performing and largest range of induction heating devices, used  in all kinds of industries all over the world. Our BETEX brand stands for Quality and Service. Standard low frequency Induction heaters are used for heating cylindrical parts to shrink fit them on a shaft. BETEX induction heaters are smart, microprocessor controlled, meaning that the heating process is time and/or temperature controlled, avoiding damage to the part. Energy transfer is extremely efficient as the heater only heats the part and not the atmosphere around it, pre-heating is not necessary. The fact that there is no naked flame allows for a wide variety of applications in volatile environments, like in the petrochemical industry. It is also a safe and environmentally friendly way of heating.

Two BETEX Middle Frequency Quick-Heaters are simultaneously heating a large bearing for a Wind Turbine manufacturer

The same applies to our BETEX pullers. Our mechanical and hydraulic pullers – 4-150 t cap. –  are made to our specifications. Unique features are pullers with self-contained pumps and with self-centering arms for extra safety and efficiency. Our tools are all about Safety. Ask us, and we will explain why this aspect is so important and how our tools differ from other tools. In our day and age Safety Awareness (safety first) is a top priority.

At the Hannover Messe we will introduce a number of new products like small heaters, workshop presses.

Main attraction will be our brand new Middle frequency induction heater for both Mounting & Dismounting. These superior heaters are fast and heat in a safe and controlled manner, and very important: prevent unnecessary damage to parts.  Our Next Generation MF heaters 3.0, feature new technology like a large touchscreen, smart electronics, logging heating cycle, USB connector for software updates and dual temperature sensing (ΔT).

One of the great advantages of these Middle Frequency induction heaters is that they are not limited to components with a cylindrical shape. The optional flexible inductors allow the user to wrap a coil around (or in) any shape or dimension. This is ideal for varying sizes which can occur in any given workshop or industry in OEM or MRO. The results are amazing, heating times can be cut back dramatically! Challenging mounting and dismounting jobs are suddenly as easy as pie, so to speak….

For more information about BETEX products visit www.begaspecialtools.com

Bega Special Tools is manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of Special Tools for safe and cost-effective solutions for mounting and dismounting of bearings and drive components – for maintenance & production departments in MRO and OEM companies.

These tools are distributed to a worldwide dealer network under the brand name BETEX®

Our tools are used in all kinds of industries such as steel, wind turbines, rail transport, paper, mining, chemicals, automotive, aviation etc. With our tools we aim to improve the lifecycle of rotating parts in machines.

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