ZKL introduces novelties in railway segment at InnoTrans fair in Berlin

More than 2/3 of ZKL concern production is destined for foreign markets. By reason of this the company concentrates on regular connection to clients by means of presentation at prestigious international fairs. Despite of gradually changing trends in the fair sector, the fairs still mean indispensable benefit for ZKL. Besides the possibility to present continually growing product and services portfolio to current customers, the worth and considerable respect is getting contacts for new clients and distributors.


The plan for 2014 counts with the presentation at 10 prominent exhibitions and fairs all over the world. ZKL will cap this schedule at the turn of September and October participating at International Engineering Fair Brno. This long ago traditional „flash point of fair season“ will be foregone by the exposition at InnoTrans fair in Berlin from 23rd till 26th September 2014. In European matching German market is markedly important for ZKL. In the long term the concern target its activities on local marketing and services. The main aim is to approach their quality to German tradesmen and customers. The fair participation should also help it. 


InnoTrans is international special fair for transportation engineering, innovative components, track vehicles and systems. In terms of this coverage ZKL will introduce here its novelties in railway segment. Foremost it is roller bearings with new plastic cabs suitable for regular railway service, that meet high international standards, are more resistant to mechanic derogation and their assemblage is simpler. Likewise the visitors could see the sealed roller bearings with plastic lubricant filling produced for RegioPartner train axles.


The innovative spirit of ZKL concern can be found in tapered roller bearings unit TBU with labyrinth seal and permanent plastic lubricant filling, which have not been produced in The Czech republic before. These bearings proved extremely high durability, which reached minimally 1 000 000 kilometers without any service or re-lubrication during testing up to the velocity of 200 kilometers per hour. In real operation we can count with durability overlapping several millions of kilometers.

Marta Pérnicova – Marketing Manager
ZKL Bearings CZ,
akciová spole?nost/ Brno
[email protected]


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